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Courses Taught in Allameh Tabataba’i University:

Bachelor Courses: Classical Logic, Methodology, History of Modern and Contemporary Western Philosophy, Islamic Philosophy, Philosophical Texts in Arabic, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Ethics, Philosophy of Science, History of Science.


Master Courses: Classical Logic, Philosophical Texts in Arabic, Philosophy of Descartes, Philosophy of Hegel, British Philosophers, Philosophy of Science, Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion, Arguments for the Existence of God, Religious Experience, Science and Religion, Faith and Reason, Philosophical Texts in English, History of Philosophy of Religion, Islamic Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy.


PhD Courses: Philosophy of Descartes, Philosophy of Bergson, Arguments for the Existence of God, Comparative Philosophy, Philosophy of Technology, Ethics in Technology, Islamic Philosophy and Natural Theology, Various Concepts of God.


Teaching Experience in Other Universities:

Sharif University of Technology (Master's Degree): Philosophy of Religion, Special Issues in Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Science, Analytic Philosophy

Sharif University of Technology (BS): Physics

University of Tehran (Bachelor's Degree): Philosophy of Religion

Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch (MA): Philosophy of Science (Ph.D.): Comparative Philosophy, Science and Religion.

Research Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies (Ph.D.): Philosophy of Technology, Philosophy of Mind, Transcendental Philosophy and Natural Theology, Arguments for the Existence of God, Ethics in Technology.